My Interviews, Guest Posts and Such

To catch y’all up – I’ve done a series of interviews and guest posts.  These along with all future ‘Terra’ highlights can be found in the ‘About Me’ section.  Now on to the fun:

Interview with Maria Violante
Q: There were a few, well, adult passages in here!  Was that something you had to think about before including them in the novel?

A: For sure! In fact, I still debate taking them out and floating my book around the YA crowd. Maybe it would do better there. But the fact is, I’m not really sure I belong there as an author. I’m not sure it would be a sustainable career for me. So onward I go – sex scenes and all!

A.F. Stewart’s Interview with Terra Harmony
Q: What’s next for you?
A: An ice cream sandwich.  And then maybe just a few more hundred words before bedtime…

Indie Author Spotlight on TNBBC
The publishing industry is about to go eco on y’all!

Guest Post on Indies Unlimited
Quality is Job #1 for Indie Authors

Books for Company: Cover Crazy
My super-awesome book cover by super-awesome graphic artist and indie author Keary Taylor is all the craze.

Not my finest moment, but probably not my worst either – so I don’t mind sharing it.

Indie Snippets – Water
Fun way to find new Indie books.  If you use it, be sure to send props to indie author Bryan Dennis.

Indie Snippets – Gleaming White
Fun way to find new Indie books.  If you use it, be sure to send props to indie author Bryan Dennis.

Fan Page
On Facebook.  Stop by and ‘like’ me, because I am all about the numbers.

Goodreads Author Page
By the way, if you are an author and not active on Goodreads – get going!  Also if you are a reader and not on Goodreads, same applies to you.

Amazon Author Page
‘Like’ me here, too – I don’t know, it may do something for my sales!



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