Twitterview-ing and Resolute-ing; Talk about Multitasking!


Yes, blogs should be pretty and eye-catching, but I haven’t the patience for internet image hunting to find just the right picture for this post.  So insert your own, damn you.

A quick note to announce a few things – then next week I’ll be back to more author interviews, book blogger guest posts and free flash fiction.

Note #1: Catch my first ‘twitter-view’ on Monday 10 AM EST with Claudia Hall Christian, author of the Alex the Fey series and organizer of  #bookmarketchat.  As I was recently educated, a twitterview is a twitter interview (hmm, clever) consisting of 3 – 5 questions.  Don’t expect too much as I am not known for being a quick thinker – which is why I am a writer.

Note #2:  Air, the second book to The Akasha Series is in editing and due for release in February!  Or later, depending on how the edits come back.

Note #3: Speaking of pretty pictures, the book cover for ‘Air’ is already done, and I can’t be more excited!  There is nothing more motivating to finish up the book than seeing a final cover copy, as if the thing were already published.  I’ll be doing the big cover reveal later in January after a ramp-up consisting of an interview with Keary Taylor, the cover designer, and a few other ‘cover’ fanatic guest posts.

Ok, so that was three quick notes.  Happy New Year’s to all – hopefully 2012 brings you the best life has to offer – or better!  At least that is what I’m shooting for.  I’ve already resoluted it…


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