Amazon – I love you, man. But you make no sense.

Thanks to everyone who helped price-match ‘Water’. My novel is now free to the masses! In other news, the print version will soon be available (it’s been a long learning process – print formatting is way more complex than e-book formatting).

I’m not exactly sure when the price-match occurred, but ‘Water’ already has over 1,000 downloads. And that is without a lick of advertising (until I hit ‘post’ on this article, that is).  I’ve even sold three copies of the next in the series, ‘Air’, today.  That is more than all of last month. 🙂

Anyway, ‘Water’ now ranks #2 under the ‘family saga’ bestsellers list. Not sure how it ended up there. I don’t really think it belongs there, and I’m not sure I can change it. I’m hoping it hits a few other bestseller lists. Speaking of, over 20 people have tagged ‘Water’ as young adult.

Not cool, Amazon. Not. Cool. Anyone reading the novel expecting young adult will be severely disappointed, possibly offended, and most likely ticked off. Ratings could very well suffer.

But we’ll see what happens. Let’s just hope this little experiment doesn’t run me out of the business. Until then – tell all your friends!


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  1. Oh dear! I’ve seen a couple of other books that people have label as ‘young adult’ and just thought ‘what?’ Crazy what some people classify as YA!

  2. Congrats! I don’t know how I missed liking and tagging, but I just liked, tagged (everything but YA) tweeted and pinned for you! Best of luck. Keep us in the loop. Sales in the summer have been brutal.

  3. Congratulations on the printed copies of your books, i cant wait to get my hands on a paperback of water 🙂 With your book being tagged as YA i recommend maybe mentioning somewhere in the summary that it is not YA. I have seen i few authors have serious problems due to their book being tagged as YA when they contian things that are not appropriate for young adults. I would hate to see that happen to you, you deserve the best for your wonderful books and i wish you well.

  4. Your welcome, Ive known other authors to have problems with being misinterpreted as YA but if you add a disclaimer you minimise that issue greatly 🙂

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