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Readers – I need your help! I am currently writing the finale to ‘Earth’, the fourth and final book of the Akasha Series. There is, of course, a final battle between One Less (Shawn’s organization) and The Seven (or Team Kaitlyn, whichever you prefer to call it).

Needless to say, the elements involved have to awesome. I am playing mix and match with some of the elements and have come up with a few ideas – but I need more. Rack your brains for some super cool storms. To you get you started, here is what I’ve done:

Combine Air and Fire for:

fire tornado

Fire Tornado


Combine Earth and Air for:



Just your typical sandstorm – but when you add a dash of frozen water, imagine the destruction with flying mud balls. Hard to dodge when all you see is sand.  That may be a stretch, but we are just throwing around ideas here. If it helps, the final battle location will be in the USA – Colorado to be exact. I am leaning toward the Red Rocks Amphitheatre where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains. What better place for a final showdown for ‘Earth’? Red Rocks is a geological phenomenon – the only naturally-occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheatre in the world. Come to think of it, I might have to use something to do with sound in the final battle.

Just comment below with your ideas – or feel free to email me directly at

What will you win?

If I choose any part of your idea I will write a character for you in ‘Earth’!!! The character will be based on your answers from a list of questions I send you. I will also send you a complete set of the entire Akasha Saga once ‘Earth’ is released; either in digital or print format.

So, let’s get brainstorming. Let me know what you come up with!

Contest details: No purchase necessary. You must comment with an idea or send me an email with your idea to be eligible. There can be more than one winner. Deadline to submit ideas is December 21st, 2012 at midnight. By submitting your idea – you are giving me permission to use it in ‘Earth, Book Four of the Akasha Series’ for no monetary reimbursement.


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  1. I’ve always found storms that involve large amounts of lightening to be fierce but terrifyingly beautiful. If you add in a storm that could cause the phenomenon called a Skypunch (they look fantastic!) it would be one hell of a show!

  2. What about somehow combining Earth and Fire to create even more Powerful fire, like the earth is being used as an energy source. After all regular fire needs natural material to burn so it would make sense that Earth would make Fire stronger. You could also have Air users changing the quality of the air to make it more oxygen rich so that Fire is bigger. Combine that with your firstorm idea and you have pretty much the entire sky on fire.

    This isn’t really storm related but if there is lots of sand Earth and Water users could somehow make quicksand.

    I love your books so much! Would love to have paperback copies 🙂

  3. Also looking at that picture of the Red Rocks Amphitheatre i am picturing a landslide, an earthquake could easily cause that unstable looking very large rock / cliff to crumple.

    • Hi Laura – thanks for both of your comments! I think definitely yes to having that large rock fall over. I’m going to have to do some thinking as to who will end up under it. 🙂 I also like the idea of having a large segment of fire during the final battle scene. I might have to give each of the elements proper ‘stage time’, so to speak.

      • Glad you like the falling rock idea, its just so precarious that it NEEDS to fall 😛 You should have it fall on someone (maybe Shawn or Kaitlyn) and everyone thinks they must be dead but they use their powers to survive and get out 🙂

  4. There is water and air to create Typhoon. Earth, Fire, and Air to create a Hailstorm (fiery rocks falling from the sky). Air and Water to create a blizzard with frozen spikes falling from the sky. Fire and Earth to create a lava landslide.

    • Thanks for your comments – Donnie, right? (BTW – I read your blog; very interesting!) I love the idea of a blizzard with frozen spikes; the final battle does take place in winter, after all. I should’ve mentioned that for everyone else. Thanks again!

  5. Going with the earth theme … how about a mud tornado? Picture it. A huge, sloshing vortex of mud and rocks and UTTER DESTRUCTION.

    • Hi Michelle – at first, a mud tornado doesn’t seem very scary. But then I imagine getting caught up in it, and holy crap no way! It’d be like trying to run through mud but upside down and sideways while getting pounded by rocks. Not to mention inhaling the mud…

      Thanks for the idea; I think I will have to use it!

      • Woo! I thought it sounded pretty darn terrifying myself, hence the suggestion. Now I’ll definitely have to by your book, just so I can see how the mud tornado turns out 🙂

  6. I like that you’re ending the series in winter (I think I saw that in a comment above) since the first book started with an avalanche… I know that an avalanche isn’t as “scary” as some of the other storms mentioned above, but it would be really cool to have that element back (where Kaitlyn finds herself back where she started… oooh – or where Bee is stuck buried and Kaitlyn can’t find her?).

  7. Oh – sinkholes are an option too – I know they aren’t scary – but if I were an earth element, it would be a useful tool to trap enemies in them… perhaps with an ice lid so air elements couldn’t just float out of them if they were trapped (I’m thinking defence here).

  8. How about something with lightning and water, or like iced lightning?

  9. You could combine all 4 of the elements together and have like a giant wave of fire with flying mud balls and spikey icicles trapped in a tornado? I reckon that’d be pretty awesome to see transformed into writing. All the elements could get too intensely used simultaneously that they all combust into a massive fire, tornado, muddy, ice thing maybe?

  10. Terra – Try squeezing this into your scenario:
    Max Richter grew up in Seattle and chose to study geology. When he graduated from UC Berkeley he landed a job at USGS in Denver. He believed he was the descendent of none other than Charles Richter. So, he spent his entire career studying and preparing for the “Cascadia Subduction Zone” to let loose and pegged a date for it in the late fall/early winter. He couldn’t convince anyone to pay attention to his forecast for the quake, even though he had evidence something was going to happen.

    One of his climbing buddies took a bad fall at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. It shouldn’t have happened. It was unexplainable that such a large slab of red rock would have broken away from the monolith taking Alex Chandler to the valley floor injuring him and the rest of his group of recreational climbers. Following the accident a group of vulcanologists from Boulder came down to investigate.

    Meanwhile, the storm of the century was brewing on the plains of central Canada. The clash of airmasses was set to occur in Central Colorado.

    When it all goes down, the PacWest Coast is in the throws of a massive earthquake that sets off a series of dormant volcanic erruptions all along the front range. That all happens at about the time this thunder snowstorm begins as the airmasses collide creating a series of superstorms with tornados.

    The volcanic eruptions are at first slow and ooze lava, but as pressure builds from the aftershocks in the west, Pikes Peak begins to shake. The Devils Thumb blows it’s top and spews an eruption of lava before the Red Rock Park fills with a river of molten rock….

    Just throwing it out there for comment – believability hangs on a thread, but hey, it could happen.

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