Character Winners

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! On a previous post, I ran a contest asking for ideas on how to use the elements in ‘Earth, Book Four of the Akasha Series’ during the final showdown.  I got some great ideas, so a big thank you to everyone who participated! I did pick several winners – who will receive a character spot in the final book and the full set of all four books in print or as e-books once ‘Earth’ comes out this Spring.  Here they are:



Kassandra – for her skypunch idea.

Laura – for the idea of having the large rock at Red Rock Amphitheatre falling over.

Sue Q – for her sinkhole idea.

Lolita – (who responded via email), for her idea of stone jutting up out of the earth to trap people.




Please understand, there is no organization to my writing process – I just let my fingers fly, and sometimes surprise myself by what happens. It is very possible I will end up including other ideas mentioned in this contest.  For example, perhaps lava, submitted by several people. If that happens, I will contact you and offer the winning package same as everyone else.

If you are mentioned above as a winner, and have not heard from me, please email me at

Thank you all!

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