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ImageWith the completion of The Akasha Series on the horizon, I am taking the plunge into the world of audio books. This is completely new and strange for me – I really never got into the whole audio book thing. I’m going with ACX who will publish the audio book on,, and iTunes. Several narrators have submitted auditions, and I find myself asking – what makes a good narrator? What allows an audio book to stand out from the rest?

Needless to say, I don’t have those answers.  Do you?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Paula Desai-Rogers


    Ok so as a fan of audio books here are some things I enjoy personally 🙂
    -no monotones; an exciting narrator who has energy and tone when they speak
    -when the narrator brings the characters to life; voice changes, and someone who embodies the main character
    -a polite and inviting voice; to make you feel connected to the reader
    -a narrator who just has fun

    Hope I helped!
    ~ Paula

  2. I like audiobooks. I’ve been listening to audiobooks for a bit now and there are some things I like and don’t like in an audibook. First and foremost though, no matter how good the book is written but if the narrator is that bad, that audiobook will go down the drain. The things I look for in an audiobook as a listener are: 1. QUALITY OF VOICE – is the narrator’s voice pleasing to the ears? I find that I like listening to Alyssa Bresnahan and Therese Plummer’s voices. 2. CLARITY OF WORDS – are the words clear and distinct in my ears? Some readers read with extra sounds, a lot of audible breathing, additional “-ish” sounds to the words that could get annoying to listen to. 3. PROFESSIONALISM – under this heading I include diction and the narrator’s interpretation of the book. The way he/she reads the book. I find the way Lorelei King read a book to be very professional.

    If you want samples of my audibook reviews, you can find them here:

    Cherry Mischievous

  3. I think probably the most important thing is for the narrator to sound like they are enjoying what they are reading. It is suprising how often they sound bored and that boredom will pass to the reader. It is also important they dont read to slowly, i get put off by audio books that are too long.

  4. Hi Terra – Congrats on that plunge. I think only you can decide which narrator’s voice fits the characters you’ve created. That voice is alive in your imagination, and you’ll recognize it when you hear it.

    Scott Sigler did something really interesting with his plunge into audio with Earthcore. He serialized it and posted one chapter a week as a podcast for free download on his website. Then he made the entire audio file and printed copy available for purchase on the same site. Those who couldn’t wait a whole week for the next installment bought their copies right away (as I did).

    Good luck!

    • Hi Gregory – that is a good idea! I’ve considered podcasts before…problem is I can’t use my own voice. Sounds too nasally in my opinion. 🙂 I think podcasting is definitely a big market though; it’d be good to break into it.

  5. I am an audiobook junkie. I love Luke Daniels, Simon Vance, Barbara Rosenblatt, and several others. I look for a narrator that can: 1) do both male and female voices and a range of them 2) do old and young voices believably 3) accents 4) doesn’t slur words 5) can’t hear them breathing through their nose unless it’s part of the character 6) doesn’t read too fast (I am often multi tasking and if they read too fast, then I have too give ALL my attention to the book).

    Hope that helps and good luck with the audiobooks.

    • That does help, thank you! I didn’t consider someone multi-tasking while they are listening, but probably most do. A slower pace might not be too bad. I’ll look up all the narrators you mentioned. Thanks again!

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