My 7th Book, and Why it is Different

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Catching up on all thing social media, and I realized I haven’t posted since…January. Oops. But I promise I’ve been working! I just finished my 7th full length novel – it is now in the editing stages. ‘The Betrayed, Book Two of the Painted Maidens Trilogy’ follows ‘The Rising’, my young adult mermaid fantasy series. Catch up now before the release date; you can get The Rising on Amazon, B&N, or Smashwords.

Even though ‘The Betrayed’ falls in the middle of a series, I think the book – or at least the writing process for the book – stands apart from any I’ve ever done, for several reasons:

  1. 100% of this book was written between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am. There were no exceptions. Writing time competed heavily with my brain telling me I need to sleep. When life gets busy, my desire to write is not put on hold – I just have to make a few adjustments, and a few sacrifices.
  2. This book was hard to write! As any author will tell you, significant time and energy go into creating a full length novel. But with my Akasha Series, and to an extent the first book of this mermaid trilogy, the ideas were plentiful. Looking back, I almost feel like the stories flowed straight from my brain out through my fingers and onto my keyboard. They were fun to write and they went quick. ‘The Betrayed’ was slow writing. There was a lot of stopping to research and lots of solid brick walls that sent me tumbling backward. I really had to pull out all the stops to finish this one.
  3. I almost quit. Or at least I told myself I should just quit, which is as close to quitting as I’ve ever come since I started writing. Maybe it was the difficulty level of the book, or maybe it was writing hours, but for the first time, my second job as author became too cumbersome.
  4. “Great work. Certainly your best yet, I would say. I very much enjoyed reading it.” Exact words of my primary editor, who has edited every one of my other six books. Now, the novel still has several editors and beta readers to go, but I am certainly going to ride the high of her words for as long as I can!

Over the next few months, get ready for some fun posts. Guest interviews, cover reveals, writing samples and lots of giveaways. My goal is to reconnect with my readers in the best ways possible. Please sign up to follow my blog via email if you haven’t already, you don’t want to miss out!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Congratulations! Seven is a majic number and puts who into a whole new class of writers! You! I’ve never even finished my first book. Well Done Miss Harmony! Dad.

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