It’s My Birthday – Let Me Treat You!!!

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered!

I’m having a great day so far, and it is about to get better.  My husband has tickets (don’t know where), he got a babysitter (my oldest son), and told me to dress nice. Needless to say, I’m very excited! So…..

Let’s Have a Giveaway!!!

Okay, this morning started out a little discerning – at 5 am I woke to my 7 year-old standing over me with blood smeared all over his face and hands. He also had the widest grin I’ve ever seen. I pushed myself up, eyes wide.

“Something very exciting just happened!” he said.

My eyes got even wider.

“My wiggly tooth came out!”

* * *

As a good friend pointed out, there could have been much worse endings to that story. But I figure I’m just being prepped for the future.

So, to enter the giveaway, comment below with your BEST birthday story.  Good or bad, awesome or gruesome, it doesn’t matter. Then I will pick one winner to giveaway my entire selection of e-books. There will be  six in all, plus several short stories.

book cover string 2

THE RISING-final coverThe Kindred Curse Cover

So give me your best, and don’t forget to include your email so I can contact you (or email me with your contact info terra(dot)harmony11(at) The giveaway will close Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 at midnight EST. Good luck!

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  1. Happy Birthday. My story is of a unique birthday that I had when I turned 19. I was in the US Army basic training unit in Ft Knox Kentucky. When the drill sergeant found out it was my birthday he made me stand in front of the platoon so they could sing happy birthday to me, while doing 19 pushups. Guess the guys were glad I wasn’t turning 40 yet.

  2. george d. slouze

    On my 7th birthday, way back in the fifties, I climbed a palm tree and got rescued by the fire department when I couldn’t get down.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday!!!
    All my birthdays have been great. I can’t remember a bad one. One of the most memorable was when I was 12 and my parents surprised me with a skating party with a store bought cake in the shape of a horse. Good times 🙂

    lorih824 at yahoo dot com

  4. I seem to always have a good day if not a great day for my birthday. Even if I have a cold or such, I give myself the day off to watch movies or read a good book. In fact, one of my best birthdays was a week day, so I had the house to myself, and I had a nasty spring cold. I made myself a whole pot of hot chocolate and watched silly scifi/fantasy/girly movies all day.

    Thanks for the giveaway – nrlymrtl at gmail dot com

    • That sounds like a pretty awesome birthday! In fact, it would be a good idea to do that every now and then, even with no cold. 🙂 I checked out your blog – love the Wheel of Time Read Along idea. I need to get back into that series!

      • Oh! Thanks. The WoT readalong has been a lot of fun. Only 3.5 mores books to go. We should be done sometime next year. Longest readalong ever!

  5. POST UPDATE: The hubby took me to see the musical The Lion King at the Kennedy Center. The music, costumes, acting, and especially the puppetry were out of this world amazing!!!

  6. Hi All – Thank you for your comments and your birthday stories. I loved them all! I can’t choose just one so I’m going to send my entire collection of ebooks to each of you! If you don’t hear from me in the next 24 hours, it means I am having trouble emailing you and you should email me at terra(dot)harmony11(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Thanks again!

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