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Travel Around the World with The Akasha Series

Good news, everyone! I am done writing the fourth and final book of The Akasha Series, ‘Earth’! Bad news, everyone.  ‘Earth’ still has a few months of editing to go. But I’m super excited to be done with the series, and I must say – very proud. I have a few ideas for what is next which includes an audio version of the books – and maybe even a screenplay of the first book (ooh, I just gave myself the shivers). I also want to get to work on a new mermaid series (also eco, of course).

Another one of my dreams would be to visit many of the places throughout The Akasha Series – and I’ve already booked my first trip **squee**! I’m starting at the end, where the final battle of ‘Earth’ takes place. Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado:

red rocks

Not too super exciting since I was born in Colorado, but I’ve never been to Red Rocks and I’m still excited to go.

Some of the more exotic destinations of The Akasha Series include:

Galapagos Islands – where Shawn takes Kaitlyn in ‘Water’.galapagos_islands

Perth, Australia – where Kaitlyn docks after…well, don’t want to give too many spoilers…read the third book ‘Fire’ to find out!PERTH-AUSTRALIA

Reunion Island, just off the coast of Madagascar – where Micah has built a dream home for Kaitlyn. But will they ever settle down there? 🙂
Read about it in ‘Air’, but you’ll have to finish the series to find out.reunion island

Costa del Sol, Spain – The sunny coast, both a dream and a nightmare where Micah and Kaitlyn reconnect, then Shawn steps in and…
I’ll have to be sure to take a side trip to Castle Alcazaba.costa del sol

Easter Island – A Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, known for environmental over-exploitation and said to be one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world.  Definitely need to go during the Tapati Rapa Nui Festival!easter island 2

I think I might have to skip out on Heard and McDonald Islands (final battle in ‘Air’, book two). A bit cold for me…unless there is snowboarding?
heard and mcdonald 2

And there is always Simeulue Island, a province of Indonesia, where the Chakra is. Now that would be an adventure.simeulue_coast

So anyway – now you know my inner most desires.   Where do you guys want to go?  Leave a comment below!  If you are like me, strapped for cash – hopefully a trip around the world within The Akasha Series can appease your appetite for adventure.  Other than that, Google and YouTube have worked wonders to give me a taste of what these places are really like. You can also visit my Pinterest page, ‘Inspirations of the Akasha Series‘, where I pin the settings from certain scenes in the books.  Happy traveling!

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