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Celebrate Community Blog Hop and…My Birthday!!!

This week, I am participating in the ‘Celebrate Community Blog Hop’ hosted by Pavarti at Fighting Monkey Press. The event commemorates the end of the month of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, and while many participating are not Muslims, to us the core of any religion is community.

Together, we’ll share photographs, music, recipes, and stories. Today we’ll share our favorite recipe.  To be honest, most recipes are my fav just as long as I don’t have to cook them! 🙂 True story – the first night after our honeymoon I had to ask my husband how to cook canned corn (to be fair, there were no instructions on the can). The second night I set a frozen pizza on fire inside the oven because I left the cardboard underneath. He’s been cooking ever since!

Now, since today also happens to fall on….MY BIRTHDAY…I’ll have to share an ice cream birthday cake recipe with you. This was an experiment that turned out very well and fair warning; it is very, very simple. So go ahead and get started on your party drinks because ANYONE can make this, sober or not.

My recipe will not turn out as good as this looks.

Terra’s ‘Home-Made’ Ice Cream Cake



– 2 boxes of store-bought cake mix (any kind)
– 1 gallon of store-bought ice cream (any kind)
– 2 units of store-bought frosting (any kind)
– Whatever else the store-bought cake mix directions say you need

 Health Information:
Who cares? You are eating freakin’ ice cream cake!





Make the store-bought cake mix.  Make it in at least three separate containers (two if you feel like being creative later), preferably square or rectangle.  Cool the cakes in the freezer until they are pretty hard, maybe an hour or two, no need to cover them while they are in the freezer unless you are worried about the tator tots falling on the cake. Then take one of the cakes and place it on the plate/platter you intend to keep it on when it is finished.  Take the other cake and cut it into strips.  Place the strips on top of the full cake around the edges.  You are essentially making a bowl in which to place the ice cream.  Scoop ice cream into the center.  Don’t worry about it smoothing out; just put enough to reach the top of the strips, or just over the top.  Place the third cake over the strips and ice cream, covering everything up.  If you don’t have a third cake (either because you are lazy, don’t follow instructions, or wanted to be creative), you can leave the top open or fill in what you can with any remaining pieces of cake.  Put the whole thing back in the freezer for another hour or two.  You’ll see that the ice cream melted to fill in the hole perfectly, but not so much that it leaks through or down into the cake.  Amazing, huh?  Take the cake out to frost it with your store-bought frosting and enjoy!

Alternative options:

  • Frost in between the two/three layers of cake.
  • Mix the ice cream with cake bits and some frosting before placing it in the cake – it is totally yummy.
  • Just buy an ice-cream cake from the store (I prefer Cold Stone).


Since I’ve recently discovered I am lactose-intolerant, please make this cake and have a piece for me! I’ve already had my ‘cake’; an awesome wild blueberry pie. My presents weren’t so bad either – a wine cork board kit and unbreakable wine glasses. Husband knows me well!


Be sure to go to Fighting Monkey Press and check out the rest of the blog post recipes on Pinterest!


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