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Flash Fiction – Out of Their Element

I’m taking a break this week from the Akasha Series characters, and delving into something that has been in my head for a while.  I have to get it out for sanity’s sake.  This is a possible first chapter for a new series I will undertake after completing the Akasha Series.  Let me know what you think!


Serena turned the corner of the thin, rocky path.  Her shoes slid along the pebbles almost sending her head first into the trees.  “Damn things!  Why would humans wear these?”

She looked behind her.  There was time, the beast wasn’t yet in her sight.  She quickly slipped the shoes off, and began running again.  The beast took the corner too fast as well.  As soon as she heard skidding, she turned and threw one of her shoes.  Miss.  The beast scrambled to get his legs under him and lunged for her.  She threw the other shoe.  Nailed him in the nose.  Serena laughed out loud, and resumed her steady running pace.  “I thought werewolves were faster than this!”

She had no idea if he could understand speech in his animal form, but he was no doubt enraged.  His growls told her so.  The noise scared off any other animals close by, plunging the forest into silence.  Besides the beast, the repetitive waves in the distant ocean was the only other sound.

Her legs brushed past the sharp, thick shrubbery outlining the path.  Shallow cuts crisscrossed over her otherwise smooth, white skin.  She looked down at the trickles of blood.  Good, she thought, at least I’ll get a few battle scars out of it.

Next to come off was her shirt.  She threw it behind her, only stopping to watch the beast tear madly at his own face, where the shirt landed.  She quickly stepped out of her jeans, but had to throw them backwards over her head as she ran.  The beast was on the move again.  He dodged the pair of pants, finally learning what to expect.  Stupid mutt.

She breathed in deeply, putting her lungs to work, and smiled.  Never had she felt so free, so reckless as tonight.  Pursued by werewolf in unknown territory in nothing but her own skin.  How was she going to top this adventure?

No matter.  She would find a way.  Serena always did.  She broke the tree line at her fastest pace yet, soft sand greeting her feet and slowing her down.  The wolf was close, she could smell his foul breath.  The thing snapped at her, almost reaching the tresses of her long, curly, brown and gold hair.  Some of the werewolves’ spit flung forward onto her shoulder.  “Ew!”

The beast was faster on the sand.  Serena did not expect that.  The greedy thing didn’t even wait until he had a sure kill.  He swiped at her as soon as the long reach of his paw was close enough.  The gash caused Serena to falter, and she stumbled in the sand.  Taking care to avoid the yellow razor-like gnashing teeth, Serena rolled.  The beast rolled with her, unwilling to let go of his prey.  In the split second he was on top, Serena pushed up and out with her powerful legs.  The werewolf yelped as he spun, head over tail, into the waves.

Rough waves toppled over the beast as he struggled to get on his feet.  The water pushed and pulled, becoming stronger and stronger, as if it were working against the werewolf.  Sabrina laughed again, delighted to see the mighty creature out of his element.  He dragged himself out of the water, weighed down by his thick, matted fur and gasping for breath.  Sabrina walked by, keeping a wary eye on him.  Welcoming waves reached out to her, drawing her into their frothy grip.

Having recovered, the werewolf shook his fur, ridding himself of the salty sea water.  He looked out into the ocean, and spotted his prey bobbing up and down with the waves, well beyond his reach.  He turned his head toward the moon and howled in mourning.

It was an ear-piercing noise.  Serena couldn’t understand why the lot of them hadn’t been put down centuries ago.  She flicked her freshly formed fins, spraying water onto the hound, effectively cutting off his pathetic cry.

She smiled, but was already longing for more adventure.  Serena said goodbye to the world and turned, flinging her body up then down again, diving into the cold, dark water.  Gills took over for her lungs as she dove deeper and deeper, returning to familiarity and routine, to her home…to her prison.

So there you have it – I am sane once again.  Comments always welcome!

Interview with Alexia (aka Book Bully, Tech-Tard, and Bombshell)

I’m kicking off a weekly series where I interview another author or a book review blogger, or have them do a guest post.  We’ll start off with a bombshell – a blue-eyed, blond-haired bombshell to be exact.  Meet Alexia from Alexia’s Chronicles.  She blogs paranormal romance and urban fantasy book reviews.  Her reviews are as much fun to read as the books themselves!

I have to send my sincere thanks to Alexia for hosting a giveaway of my first eco-fantasy novel, ‘Water’ and for posting such a great review.  I am a follower for life!

Q: Why don’t you start out by telling us why you decided to start a blog?

Hmmm… starting a blog was never really on the top of my to-do list. I just love reading! I devour books! I went through a stage this year of feeling down and thinking there has to be something out there for me that is fun and fulfilling. I can remember having my ‘brain fart’ (that’s what my friends and I call an epic idea) at work while daydreaming. I immediately jumped on the rollercoaster at full speed and everything just escalated from there. The design process hasn’t been easy… I’m a total tech-tard and I have cursed Blogger so many times. My solution: a bottle of wine and working till early hours in the morning designing Alexia’s Chronicles.

Q: Tell us more about your blog  – why is it so damn cool?  What do you offer readers?

My blog is cool??! *happy chicken dance*  I think it’s because it’s very interactive with my readers / followers. To me it is very important to develop friendships with my blogger peeps. My reviews are super ‘in your face’ honest. I will always have something to say about the hottie male character in a book, and I will never reveal a plot or start a review by giving a summary of the book, that’s what the synopsis is for. My reviews are basically just my thoughts of the book, my feelings towards characters (for example, if a character grated my cheese in a bad way – I’ll say I want to give them a ‘what for’).

Q: Who are some of your all-time fave authors and why?

Kresley Cole! Immortals After Dark is my all time fave series – I think I’ve read those books about 6 times, I just never get tired of it. I love her writing style and the characters in her books. The storylines are original and freaking epic! Her books basically have everything in it that I enjoy, hotness monsters of note, steamy romantic scenes, kick-ass chicks and action.

Q: Coke or Pepsi?

Coke… with a shot of Southern Comfort 😉

Q: What would you like to see more of in books or in the publishing industry in general? 

Like I said above, what makes a book fun for me to read is when there is an epic, original storyline with steamy romantic scenes, a dash of humour and is action packed. Books that are fast paced are right up my alley. As long as the authors keep churning out books like that I’ll be a happy camper. I don’t have much to say regarding the publishing industry. Right now I am supporting and promoting self published authors. I have also been known to be a ‘book bully’ – no really, it’s true. I simply can’t wait to read their next book. So… uhm… Terra, how are things going with your next installment, Air?

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?  

At the moment I work as a Personal Assistant and I’ve been doing that for about 5 years now, but it’s time for a change. I love anything to do with books – so I’d like to go in that direction. I have a seriously overactive imagination and weird ass dreams so maybe I should think about writing my own book? You never know…  I’m keeping an open mind and will see what is out there. It would be really cool if I could be a book review blogger 24/7 and get paid for it! 😉

Q: What’s next for you and your blog?

My blog: Well, I’d like to expand my blog. I started with it in August this year and I’d like to change it up a bit, you know… add extra awesome to it! So far I’ve only done reviews and one giveaway (which we rocked at, just by the way). Early next year I’ll be doing another giveaway and be a host in a blog tour! Exciting stuff, right?!

Next for me: My saying for next year: “I’m about 3 miles from Crazy Town with my foot on the pedal”. This past year has taught me to take life by the horns and live it to the fullest! I’ll be figuring out where my career path is going to lead me and just having a blast. Always remember… Silence is golden but Shouting is fun!


Thank you for having me and a HUGE thank you for the giveaway! It has been fun working with you and I hope we will have many future endeavors. Much love, Alexia xx

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