The Kindred Curse Anthology

Their very blood betrays them.

A disease passed to each new generation of descendants attracts vampires. Pieces of family history and the secrets to survival are lost as the lineage progresses. The Kindred Curse Anthology prequels lead you back in time, revealing the root of a dynasty’s plight and a beginning that ultimately transcends the family’s end.

Consisting of five short stories, each subsequent book in this anthology is written as a prequel to the prior. The matriarch of the family, Anna Sprengel, survives a vampire poisoning. Her tainted blood is passed down to each new generation, morphing into deadly auto-immune diseases. However, no descendant can escape the magnetic-like pull they have toward vampires – and vampires have toward the family. Loosely based on the true story of the foundations of the Order of the Golden Dawn, Anna foresees the destruction of the world, and joins forces with a vampire in order to prevent the total loss of both races. But every member of the family in each generation must play their part. Constantly on the run from vampires, their instincts for self-preservation overcome even their kindred bonds. Anna is no longer around to ensure the prophecy is carried out by her family, but her vampire cohort, Xavier, is. Even if he can overcome the sensual pull toward Isabelle, the prophecy remains precarious as the future of both races is at stake.

The Kindred Curse Anthology is available for $2.99 (Free for Amazon Prime Members) on Amazon.

Praise for Gleaming White, Book One of the Kindred Curse Anthology:

By Lissette at Simplistik Halloz Book Reviews:

“While this was a short novella, it read and felt as if it were a novel. Terra has such a way of telling the story that you get hooked into it from the very start. While it ends on a cliffhanger, I’m pretty sure that the next part in the series won’t disappoint.”

By Jennifer at Can’t Put it Down:

“I loved it, plain and simple. The story never lets up from the first chapter to the very last page” and “Gleaming White is so well written that you will feel like you have read a whole novel by the time you reach the end. The ending was outstanding and left me hungering for more.”

By Denise:

“I feel the story was well written and resolved with yet just a hint of a promise for more if these characters continue on with a new adventure. I enjoyed the writing style of the author very much and would definitely read more. I would recommend Gleaming White to anyone who is interested in a short read with a hint of mystery, a taste for a new world of vampires, and a touch of sensuality.”

  1. OH! I need to read this!! I love these types of books!!!!!!

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